Sharing My Weekend – Labor Day

I hope y’all had a great, long Labor Day weekend. I sure did!
Saturday was one of those “tackle your to-do list” days. Even though it took me ALL DAY, I’m glad (and proud to say) I got it done! Hubs went to help a friend with his land, so it was just Peanut and I for the majority of the day. I got up around 8:00 AMish and left for Kohl’s around 9:00 AM. I had some Kohl’s cash that I couldn’t let go to waste. :] I spent way more time there than I wanted, but oh well. I got back home around 12 and tackled the house to-do list (all while also caring for the baby, of course). It’s hard to get stuff done when you have to stop all the time to play with the baby, feed the baby, change the baby, etc. etc. (complaining over :])

I cleared, cleaned, and reorganized the mantle…


*I just moved around what I already had in other parts of my house – no new decor for me.*

I also cleared, cleaned, and organized the fridge and pantry. (This was loooong overdue.)

Ignore the Mt. Dew. :]

Ignore the Mt. Dew. :]


Whew, breath of fresh air.

That organizer hanging on the door (that’s supposed to be for shoes) is so awesome. It’s super helpful in clearing space on the shelves. As you can see, my pantry isn’t very big so using the space wisely is key. Pretty much, anything that comes in a box gets taken out of the box and put into the hanging organizer. Pop-tarts, granola bars, crackers, etc. And I also put spice packs, sprinkles, Vanilla extract, sandwich bags, chocolate chips bags, and so on in there too. As you probably know, I’m NOT a fan of the wire shelving, but it’s what I have so I’m working with it. I find that the cardboard holders that sodas come in are great for organizing the pantry. (My work gets soda in bulk and they’re delivered in those cardboard holders, so I just take those home when they’re empty.) I also use the cardboard things to store the onions and potatoes instead of getting separate containers that will just take up more space.

And lastly, the biggest thing on my to-do list, that I have no pictures of, was cleaning the master bathroom from top to bottom. That probably took me the longest because I kept getting pulled away to do other things – including stopping mid scrub of the tub to haul the baby in the van and go pick up a piece of furniture for my in-laws! Alas, it got completed and I am sooooo happy about it. Emptied, scrubbed, swept, mopped, and organized.

Hubs came home pretty late, I was too tired to cook (not that I cook anyway – I have the best Hubs ever) so we ordered a pizza and called it a night.

Sunday I did the grocery shopping and then we just chilled at home. Much needed rest!

On Monday, Hubs went to play golf (is that what you call it? Playing golf?) with his parents so Peanut and I slept in, went to Marshall’s (where I bought things I didn’t need), went to Harris Teeter, and then met everyone over at my in-laws house for a BBQ. We had steaks on the grill and they were SO good!

Now I’m back to the daily grind at work. :]

What did you do this weekend?

In Lieu of Week’s End 08292014

Week's End

Man, I just realized I haven’t done a Week’s End post in quite a while! Which means you haven’t been seeing very many (cute) updates of my little dude!

I just want to stop and say that Peanut is the best little baby, ever. For real! The other weekend I went out shopping with my mother and sister-in-law for TEN HOURS and Peanut didn’t cry AT ALL. He is such a little angel baby!! I can run errands with him for an hour or be on an all day adventure and he hardly every cries about it. I mean, seriously. He’s perfection. <3






Not My Day


Boy oh boy. You gotta hear about my day on Wednesday.
(I’m finally writing about it today because I think the after effects have finally calmed – lol jk, I’ve just been lazy.)

SO, I get to my mother in law’s house that morning (she watches my son when Hubs and I work), and she tells me she’s not feeling well. (She hadn’t been feeling well since last Saturday, but she really wasn’t feeling well this particular morning). She tells me that she’ll try not to call me, but note that she doesn’t feel well. (Not call me as in “not call me out of work”, not as in “don’t call me, ever”. We text a lot throughout the day as I check on the little guy, but a phone call means serious business.) So I say okay, stop to get some Starbucks and head to work. I’m at work for maybe 10 minutes and I get “the call”. My mother in law just isn’t really feeling well and thinks it’s best if I pick Peanut up, which is totally fine! I call my manager (since she wasn’t in the office yet), tell her what’s going on, and I head out.

When I get to my mother in law’s house, it’s about time for Peanut to eat again but he’s still asleep so I carefully gather his stuff and load him into the car and try to go make a return at Michael’s (which is just down the road). I have another return to make at Marshall’s, but since Peanut woke up while I was at Michael’s I just headed straight home. Well, I get home and I realize my phone has 20% life left and of course my charger is at work. Instead of going all the way back to work I figure I’ll feed Peanut and then head back out to Target (which is in the same shopping center as Michael’s and Marshall’s – and only about 10 minutes away) and make my return to Target (YES, another return. Don’t judge me.) and buy another charger while I’m there. So I feed Peanut and load him back into the car. I get to Target, get the spare charger and some soup to bring over to my mother in law. I get in line, make my return, and get my new stuff. I get two steps outside of Target and realize I didn’t pay for the belt that I looped around the stroller handle. So I turn around, go back inside, and pay for the belt. No shop lifting! I get back to the van, load Peanut into the van, fold up the stroller and put it away and all that good stuff. I see that my phone is now at 3% life so I grab the charger I just bought and open it up so I can start charging it while I’m sitting in the van. I BOUGHT THE WRONG CORD!!!! UGH!!!! So I bust out the stroller (handling the car seat and the stroller is a work out in itself, by the way), load Peanut back up and head back in to Target for the THIRD time. I get the right cord (that’s $10 more expensive!!!) and a packet of white shirts that I forgot to grab the first two times I was in there. I get back in line – of course it’s the same cashier since there’s only one in the return line – and tell her I’m done, she won’t see me any more today! I get back to the car, plug in my phone and head over to Marshall’s for my last return of the day.

Marshall’s is literally three minutes from Target but in a separate parking lot so I drove over. My phone made it to about 13% (I sat there in the AC for a few minutes) and decided I was going to be really quick so it’s okay that it wasn’t super charged. Unload Peanut, make a quick run through Marshall’s and what do I find? The exact same charger (brand) except the one at Marshall’s has an extra adapter for less than what I just paid at Target!!!! And the exact same pack of shirts for $4.50 when I just paid $14 at Target. HGJHLJAHGJHA Being the frugal person that I am, you better believe I picked up the charger and shirts from Marshall’s and will be returning the other set to Target – just most definitely not that same day.

I get back in the car and Peanut is due to eat again. I also know that he’s super tired so I want to head straight home, but I have to drop the soup off over at my mother in law’s still (she’s not far at all). So I head over and Peanut just starts screaming – poor guy! He was legit crying – and for all those parents out there – you know it’s super stressful when you’re driving and you can’t help your little baby. So I finally get home and settled and think it’s 10 PM. Reality – it’s barely noon.

IPSY – August 2014


Here’s what I got:

Cute, white and orange polka dot pencil holder.

Three sample sized products:
Dr. Brandt Pore No More Pore Refiner  Рvalue about $11.25
Urban Decay Perversion Mascara – value about $5.50
Klorane Dry Shampoo (with oat milk) – value about $9.75

Two full sized products:
Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner – value $5.50
J. Cat Beauty Flying Solo Eye Shadow – value $2.99

So for my $10 subscription I got about $34.99 worth of products. Sounds good to me!
All of the sample sized products I received are actually really nice sizes. They’re definitely not “one time use” sizes at all. I don’t mind getting sample sizes of mascara because I tend to switch up which ones I use. Personally I’d rather have multiple small ones than one or two full size ones. Mascara is one of my top three favorite beauty products and I find that even if I find one that I REALLY like it, I’ll still go back and forth with others.

My verdict: Of course, as always, I really like the bag. I think it’s super cute!
I probably won’t use/try the Pore No More product because I don’t feel like I need it. I’ll probably use it as a giveaway item. (That’s another thing about IPSY. You might occasionally get a product that you don’t feel you need, or just hate. But you can go into your account and change your preferences at any time. Also, you go through and review the products they sent you and they ask you questions like, “Will you use this product? Is this the type of product you would like to continue receiving? Etc. etc.” So you can really build your account and hopefully make it so that you’re always getting something you like/want to try.)
I do really like the Perversion mascara, but I wish I had gotten it in waterproof!
I haven’t tried to the Klorane Dry Shampoo yet but I’m excited to!The lip conditioner is pretty much amazing.
I haven’t used the eye shadow yet but it’s a very pretty, neutral color.

Another winner bag Ipsy, another winner bag. :]

Peanut at Seven Months

Here I am again and Peanut is another month older. Sigh. This is going by much too fast.



On a day to day basis I can tell that he’s growing, but when I stop to write out these posts I really see how much he’s changed. Can we just freeze time?!

Peanut continues to be insanely vocal. He is always talking/screaming. I’ll be pushing him through the store and he’s just “bababab bleeee blee baba”. It’s super cute. He can say “mamama”¬† “dadada” “dattyy” (daddy) and “bababa”. Every now and then he throws a zombie-esque squeal in there – lol! Something new that he’s picked up recently is mocking us. We can pretend cough “aha aha” and he will copy you! Same with laughing, it’s super funny.

He’s getting a lot better at sitting up on his own too. He can sit upright, on his own, for quite a while before he goes toppling over.


He has a new sleep position too…

I call it "the sleep crawler".

I call it “the sleep crawler”.

Speaking of crawling, he’s not quite doing that just yet, but he’s definitely scooting! We have to keep a really close eye on him at all times (as we should) because this dude can get around. If we look away for two seconds, he’s three feet away from us!

He’s always been really observant, but now he’s into the grab EVERYTHING stage. Literally, everything. In the mornings when Hubs is getting ready to leave he brings Peanut into the bathroom and they make faces at each other in the mirror, and before Hubs can leave the bathroom, Peanut has to grab and have a battle with his arch-nemesis – the towel bar. :]

He was also introduced to Sophie recently. Basically, he loves her.

peanutatsevenmonthsPeanut is also going through a night terror stage that is really sad. The doctor said he’s REALLY young to be going through it, but according to his symptoms (and knowing that he doesn’t have an ear infection or anything of the sort) it’s the only explanation he can come up with. Normally Peanut is O-U-T between 10 PM and 6 AM. But recently he’s been waking up screaming and there’s nothing we can do to console him. Last night was the first night that he didn’t do it, and I’m really hoping the phase is over. Not just because I want to sleep, but because his cry is so stinking sad!

On any other day the first thing he does when he wakes up is smile and laugh.



He definitely knows what to do when he sees himself in the mirror (or front facing camera). He ALWAYS smiles.



We are SO blessed to have such a happy baby!

Seven more things to know about Peanut at seven months:

1. He is STILL Drooly McDroolson.
2. He currently weights 16 lbs. 12.5 oz.
3. He knows what an ice cream cone is… (oops…) ;]
4. He slept in his crib for the first time ever the other day (for nap time).
5. He normally sleeps in our room in a playpen.
6. He takes one nap a day.
7. His hair is insane.