Another year, another set of resolutions!

I don’t know why, but I feel super excited about this upcoming year. I busted out my new calendar (that I got for Christmas) and started filling in all of the birthdays, events, appointments, etc. I took it a step further and set monthly goals for myself too. I won’t kid myself and try to make these grand plans for 2015. (Although, in my head, I do have grand plans.) I’m going to try to break it down into smaller, realistic monthly goals. Wish me luck!


I can’t leave this post without bragging about my Christmas, so here I go! :]
I started shopping for gifts early this year. Partially because I wanted to find good deals and partially because I didn’t want to feel the sting in my wallet all at one time. I always told myself I was going to start early, but this past year I actually did it – and wow. I will most definitely be shopping early every year. I was soooooo excited for my family members to open their gifts at Christmas time. I felt like I did a good job and I just knew that everyone would love everything (not tooting my own horn or anything – just really proud of myself). I was more so excited for everyone else then I was about my own gifts. BUT, wow, my family spoiled me rotten!

I’ve wanted a Kreg Jig* for a looooong time (like, three years) and I finally got one. Building furniture is something I’ve been wanting to get into for a while and I am so excited to put mine to work! I already have a few project builds in mind. Just to name a few other things – I also got the Sensationail* (gel nail) Kit I really wanted (and I can’t wait to use it)! I got my nails done a week before Christmas, so as bad as I want to take them all off and use my gel kit, I’m making myself wait it out. They still look pretty fabulous (sadly, ha!). I got Taylor Swift’s new CD*, Pitch Perfect* (Go watch it now if you haven’t already seen it!), cabin socks, a log cabin house* for my Christmas village (it’s so detail orientated, it’s awesome), an Under Armour hoodie, an owl coin bank, the clamp* for my Kreg Jig, a Real Techniques* make up brush set, a Silpat mat* for baking, a cover* for my Kitchenaid stand mixer, a sweater, a (beautiful) Fossil tote handbag, the black flats I’d been wanting, Hand Built Home* (book), Pioneer Woman’s* cook book, a utility knife set* (for crafts), a case* for my tablet, a sewing box* (for my sewing accessories), and many other things! I told you, totally spoiled this year. ❤

Anyway, I hope y’all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope y’all have a fun, safe, blessed New Year!

I’ll leave you with some pictures… :]

See ya next year!

(Some of my goodies.)









Peanut loves this little ride-on toy SO MUCH. The blades spin, light up, it plays music, etc. Hubs takes Peanut on lifts and flies him around to “patrol the dining room”. It’s the cutest. Oh, and the plane wings can move and lift up (for when you “put the plane in the hangar (aka closet)”, and the wheels steer too!

Family Christmas selfie! :]

Family Christmas selfie! :]

*I know Hubs did 90% of his Christmas shopping for me on Amazon, so I listed the links above.*

*Amazon Affiliate links


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