Peanut’s First Birthday Party

We celebrated Peanut’s first birthday last (last) weekend with a Disney Plane’s themed party at our church. I thought it turned out really great and it was so much fun!

That morning, my mom and I headed out to pick up the cake and then headed straight to the church (a little early) to start decorating.

My mom and Peanut.

My mom and Peanut.


It makes me so sad how big he looks in those pictures! ;(



We got his cake done at Walmart and I was seriously impressed! They did a GREAT job! It was about $30 for this half sheet (serves 40) and the Smash Cake was free!


He was more into opening his gifts this time around (compared to Christmas) and it was so fun! My mother-in-law got him a huge stuffed Mickey Mouse and it was so cute because as soon as I pulled it out of the bag and placed it in front of him, he went, “MIIICKEYY!” Luckily, someone got it on camera. :]


He loves all of his gifts and now our living room really looks like a toy store. Sigh – ha!

I was curious to see what Peanut would do with the Smash Cake. He’s so precise with his food – when we give him finger food he picks it up between his fingers very slowly and moves his hand to his mouth so precisely. On the other hand, we don’t give Peanut sweets so I was curious to see what he’d do once that sugary goodness hit his lips. Well, he slowly dipped his hand in the icing like, “Is this okay??”, licked his fingers, and jammed his hand back in the icing. It was so cute and everyone was cracking up!


He was so fixed on the cake that he didn’t mind the hat on his head – ha!

He was a total mess afterwards. It was so much fun to clean up – not. :]



When the party was over and we were done cleaning, Mom and I headed out to Target and Peanut conked out in his car seat – talk about a sugar crash! :]

I still can’t believe our little dude is one year old. It’s so fun to witness him growing up, but I do wish time would slow down.


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