10 Things… (April 2015)

Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “10 Things” post. Here we go!

1. Peanut will be 15 months in one week. WHAT?! I plan on doing a 15 month update next Wednesday, so be on the lookout!

2. I talked about how I finally got a Kreg Jig* for Christmas last year and how I was so excited, but I haven’t used it yet – ha! I do have a project build in mind (and planned out with cuts) but I have no way of actually cutting the wood. I’ve been looking into getting a circular saw and think I’m going to get this one*.

3. I’ve started reading a lot on my Kindle* again. I go through phases where I read book after book and then I go MONTHS without reading a single thing. I’m definitely on the “book after book” phase right now. I think this is my third book in one week.

4. Hubs and I are really working on paying down debt this year and to make sure we don’t work, work, work without treating ourselves, we’ve set an allowance for each other. It’s kind of weird to have over $50 (I NEVER have this much cash) and really have nothing in mind to spend it on… GASP. So unlike me. :]

5. I FINALLY created my 101 in 1001 list and it’s keeping me in check. A lot of it is house related stuff and it felt good just to get it all written out. I’ve already crossed some things off!

6. We’re going through a home purge and yesterday I took three grocery bags and five diaper boxes full of stuff to Goodwill. It felt SO GOOD to finally clear out the upstairs hallway.

7. The weather is starting to warm up and I’m reeeeeally hoping it stays this way. I’m done with the cold!

8. I WILL take Peanut to the pool this year. I think he’ll love it!

9. Any recommendations for a good hand cream? My hands have been SO dry and the skin on my knuckles keeps cracking. =\

10. Does anyone even read these? :]

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One of Those Weeks


^^ That’s how I feel right now. Scrambled.

I took Peanut to the doctor last Thursday because his eczema was acting up. He had two spots that were just… gross. Broken skin, oozing, bleeding, gross. The doctor prescribed a topical antibiotic and sent us on our way. Over the weekend his eczema just kept getting worse. The two spots weren’t getting any better and he was getting several other areas of extremely dry, patchy, swollen, bumpy, red, scaly skin. Oh, and he got sick (two unrelated things – but totally sucked that they were happening at the same time).

Monday rolled around and he was super congested and still having problems with his eczema. My mother in law had a migraine and couldn’t watch him (she watches my son while Hubs and I work), so I stayed home – which was totally fine because I wanted Peanut to be home to make sure he was getting a good nap (comfy in his own crib) yada yada. I called his doctor’s office first thing Monday morning and asked for a referral to a pediatric dermatologist. I finally got a hold of one that could see us the next day (Tuesday). The first office they referred me to had a three week wait. No thanks.

Tuesday morning Hubs met Peanut and I over at the dermatologist’s office. (We had no idea what was actually triggering Peanut’s eczema. We’ve known he’s had eczema since he was about 6 months old but it was more like, “oh, your skin is dry, I’ll put some moisturizer on it”. It was never as bad as it was on this day. He had broken out with it all over his body and face. It didn’t use to bother him, but he started really scratching and crying about it when he’d try to relieve the itch. We could tell he was totally uncomfortable and he wasn’t sleeping well because of it – he’d roll his shoulders against the crib or rub the spots since we kept mittens on him so he wouldn’t scratch. Knowing that it was actually bothering him made it 100 times worse in my head. He started getting it really bad after he started getting cow’s milk, so I thought it might be that.) The doctor didn’t think it had anything do with cow’s milk and thought it was just coincidence that that’s when it started flaring up. He had us get some stuff that is truly “Free and Clear”, unlike some store products that claim to be, but are not.

After his appointment, around 11:00 AM, I ran around getting the stuff the doctor prescribed, grabbed lunch, and headed home to stuff my face eat, and wait for Hubs to get home. While at the appointment we got a text from my mother in law that she was going to see a cardiologist, so she wouldn’t be able to watch Peanut again. Hubs got home around 12:30 (lunch time) and worked from home the rest of the day so that I could head into work.

Tuesday afternoon (after I got to work) we found out that my mother in law was being admitted to the hospital for a blockage in her heart. She waited in the waiting room for almost EIGHT HOURS before she got a room. That’s ridiculous. Anyway, she got a room at around 10:00 PM, but had to wait until the next morning to get any more testing done.
As soon as I got off work that day, I headed home and gave Peanut a bath with the new stuff the doctor prescribed and then moisturized with the new cream.

Hubs stayed home Wednesday and I headed to work. We found that after getting an Angiogram, my mother in law did NOT have a blockage (Thank God), but still had some other things to go through before being released. She was able to go home around 4:00 PM. When I got off work we headed over to see her and see how she was doing and just hung around for a little while.
After just one day, Peanut’s skin was already looking SO MUCH better. I was relieved.

I stayed home on Thursday (since Hubs had stayed home twice in a row). I ran some errands and then went home and did some cleaning.

Now it’s Friday and I’m at work while Hubs is home with Peanut again. Oh, and Peanut passed his wonderful congestion and cold on to me, so I look like I’m sitting at my desk crying (congested, runny nose, watery eyes). Wahhhh, but better me than him.

Peanut’s skin is almost all better. The open sores are no longer open. They’re still a little red and tender, but they’re healed over. THANK GOODNESS.
My mother in law is doing well also. Just recovering from the Angiogram.

Whew. I am ready for the weekend.

*I just thought I’d add in here that the body wash and skin cream they had me get for Peanut does not require a prescription, it’s just hard to find. The doctor told me that sometimes you can get it from a drug store, but you can almost always find it at a compounding pharmacy. I didn’t want to bother with running around to all the different drug stores to find it, so I just went to the compounding pharmacy down the street. The brand is Vanicream and I got the Vanicream Cleansing Bar ($4) and the Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream ($16). I got a huge tub of the cream because the only other option they had was a sample for $6. The tub is huge and will last me a loooong time, so the price is okay. This stuff seriously started working the very next day. I would not hesitant to pay those prices again. Peanut went from sores (some open, some not) all over his body to 90% healed in one day. ONE DAY.*

10 things… (January 2015)

Happy New Year!

I hope y’all had a wonderful, safe New Year celebration!

I am SO excited for the new year to be here and I don’t really know why… ha!

Anyway, ten things on my mind at the moment.

1. There are (many) little things that we need to do around the house that I need to focus on this year. They’re not expensive things – all they require is my time, so it’s totally my fault if they don’t get done. (Whew, feeling the pressure!)

2. I really need to start eating better and I’d like to start working out consistently. We had dinner with Hubs’ family this past weekend and I didn’t have a soda! So proud of myself…. except I said, “New year. No soda for me!” as I ate a donut… =\ Ha! I didn’t say I was perfect! It’s a work in progress. :]

3. Peanut will be one year old next Thursday! We are having his birthday party next Saturday and I’m so excited! I ordered his party decor last Wednesday and I reeeeealllly hope it gets here in time. Please oh please!

4. Hubs got me a gel nail kit for Christmas and I used it for the first time last night. It’s pretty much amazing.

5. Hubs and I decided a while ago that we would love to buy some land and build a house. We started talking about it more this past weekend and it’s really made me see how important it is to build our savings and pay down some debt. 2015 will be the year! :]

6. My mom is coming to town next week (for Peanut’s birthday) and I can’t wait. It’s been a while since I’ve seen her! I think the last time she was down was in… April?! Wow. (Your turn to come down Dad!)

7. I’ve finally decided that I’m going to cut my hair! I’ve been trying to grow it out for a while, but I’ve learned that if it’s long, it stays in a ponytail. It’s the perfect excuse for me “not to do my hair”. I know some people love long hair for that fact, but I just don’t feel “put together” if I didn’t do my hair. So, getting it cut short will be a good thing for me. I will HAVE to do my hair, and that’s okay. Deciding HOW I want to cut it is proving difficult though…

How do I choose!?

How do I choose!?

8. Speaking of hair cuts… Peanut is getting his first one this weekend! It’s long overdue. He has an appointment scheduled for 10:15 AM tomorrow morning.

9. I hope I don’t have a hard time figuring out what’s okay and what’s not okay to give to Peanut as far as “table food”. I also wonder if the doctor’s will put him on whole milk since he’s so little? Hm… let’s hope this transition goes well!

10. I have a lot to do this weekend so I better leave this list and go make another list so I don’t forget anything. :]

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10 Things… (December 2014)

10 things, 10 days late. :]

1. Peanut got his flu shot last night and he did excellent!

2. I have one more gift and one stocking left to fill for Christmas and I AM DONE!


4. We are going out to lunch this weekend with our neighbors (literally, our neighbors) that we see almost never. It’s ridiculous! Ha!

5. I am not going out this weekend (like I normally do) and I am going to deep clean the house!

6. I have been selling so much stuff on FB BST (Facebook Buy, Sell, Trade – online yard sale) and I have so much more to post! I’m rollin’ in the dough over here! Just kidding.



8. I love Christmas. (In case you were wondering.)

9. I really need to get on the move with planning Peanut’s first birthday party! It’s in exactly one month! I still haven’t really chosen a theme or know where I’m going to get the cake, etc. I have some decisions to make.

10. I’m going to finish decorating the house this weekend and I hope to post some pictures early next week! (Heheh – I said that last week…)

10 Things… (October 2014)

Another month, another ten things.
(A day late. Pretend you didn’t notice.)

1. The search is over! Hubs found a truck!


2. My phone crashed last night! UGH! I had to restore it to factory settings. =\ Luckily I had backed up my phone on Hubs’ iTunes a couple of weeks ago, so I was able to restore it from there. I lost two weeks worth of pictures which isn’t too bad considering I could have lost everything, but still. Stupid (and sometimes wonderful) technology.

3. I think we are getting new windows for our house! We have someone coming to measure in a couple of days and then we just have to schedule installation! (I say “I think we are” because I don’t want to jinx myself -ha!)

4. Pinterest. Must I say more? It’s really helping me scratch my “ORGANIZE EVERYTHING” itch. Did you see this awesomeness? :]

Camisole holder!

Camisole holder!

5. I just got done reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I watched the movie a few years ago and it was terribly sad. I don’t know why I decided to read the book just now, but it was just as sad.

6.  I think I’m going to start reading the Left Behind series. Have you read those?



8. Hubs is getting a root canal today!

9. Peanut is turning 9 months old next Wednesday.

10. Next Wednesday is also Hubs and I’s three year wedding anniversary. ❤