Organizing DVDs

Once upon a time I realized we had too many DVDs. I asked Hubs (very nicely) if I could ditch all of the cases and put the DVDs into a CD binder and he (very nicely) said no.

Looking at all of the DVDs was seriously driving me insane. I found out that I could stack the DVDs on top of each other (instead of standing them side by side) to fit more on one shelf (so I could actually use the shelves for books), but it was still unsightly.

I scoured Pinterest for other ways to organize the DVDs and came up with this:


I went to Lowe’s and got a 1×6 board cut down to 28 inches (the width of my book shelf) and made a “shelf within a shelf”. (I got an 8 foot board and it was about $7.) I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I searched around my house work for things I could use to raise the board up. I found these white packing blocks (made of foam) at work and decided to just use those. The floral foam blocks that you use for floral arrangements would work well too, and you can get those at the dollar store!

It wasn’t a DRASTIC improvement, but I’m happy with it. It looks way less cluttered, at least.
(My next mission is to purge books and magazines. Do we really need the Hunting Regulations and Guidelines book for 2011? I think not.)



Yay for small victories!


Two Super Simple Dollar Tree Christmas Wreaths

I know y’all already have your beautiful Christmas wreaths hanging on your front door, but if you’re like me and you decided to wait until the week before Christmas to make one, then this post is for you! :]

Here are two super simple wreaths that you can make from items found at Dollar Tree.

The first super simple wreath is the sock wreath. I got two pairs of “knee high” Christmas socks and a small foam wreath form for $3 at Dollar Tree. I just cut my wreath form in half on one side, cut the toes off my socks, and slipped the socks over the wreath form. (My wreath form actually completely snapped in half while I was putting the socks on, so I just used my hot glue gun to put it back together once I had the socks on.) Something I would suggest doing (in hindsight, of course) is making sure your socks are going in one direction. That way you can scrunch the elastic side over the (now loose) toe side. This might show better in the picture…

See the red and white striped sections (12:00 and 3:00)? That’s the elastic part of the sock pulled over the toe end of the other sock. See where the green stripes end and the red starts (about 8:00)? That is toe to toe, not elastic to toe. I don’t know if that makes any sense so I’ll just stop now. Isn’t it pretty?!

The second wreath I want to share is my tinsel wreath – you need a wreath form and about four garlands of tinsel. I actually used a wreath I already had at home (my American Flag one) and just wrapped my tinsel right over it! So, this wreath cost me $4.

I’m just keepin it real here… this is the only picture I have of my wreath. It was taken with my iPhone and in the dark… so it pretty much sucks. I’d tell myself that I’d go home tonight and take a better picture, but I know that really means I’ll post this sometime next week. And posting this next week (the week OF Christmas) is so not helpful at all… The week before Christmas? Semi-helpful. The week OF Christmas – not helpful at all.

So, here’s my wreath. (Don’t judge me.)

twosupersimpledollartreechristmaswreathsAnd here are some ideas of better looking tinsel wreaths. You know, how I pictured my wreath turning out in my head. :] By the way, you could totally do a blue tinsel wreath and make it more of a Winter wreath if you don’t want a red/green Christmas-y one.

So there you go – two easy, inexpensive wreaths!

On another note, we had our new windows installed yesterday. Yay! :]

Sharing My Weekend – Updating the Yard

This weekend Hubs and I got some flowers to plant in our yard! About two years ago our house looked like this…

sharingmyweekendCute little doll house, right? ;] Well, the backs of all of those bushes were actually dying and very brown and not pretty, so Hubs ripped them out. We meant to replace all the shrubs and add flowers and everything, but then time got away from us and it’s been sitting like this…

sharingmyweekendIt’s just so “blahhhh”. Every time we pull up to the house we make the same comment over and over again, “Man, it looks like no one lives here.” So, we decided to get a start this weekend and I can’t wait for it to be done!

We want to do rose bushes under the window and then do smaller, compact shrubs. Under the railing on the porch we are going to do the “butterfly flowers” (I think that’s what they are called). They are long, tall, skinny flowers. We plan to do those and then some smaller daisy looking flowers (as you can tell, I am no flower expert).

If you remember from this post, we did the the mailbox flower bed last year. I really liked it but since those flowers were just annuals, they died and then the flower bed was looking pretty bad. Hubs took all of the flowers out and we got new perennials for it this weekend too.

We didn’t quite plan our trip wisely and ended up having to literally use all the available space possible in the Jeep – ha! There were flowers in the front seat, I was on the right back seat, Peanut was in the middle back seat (car seat), there were groceries on the left back seat and floor, and the trunk was CRAMMED.


Butterfly flowers I was talking about.

sharingmyweekendYou can’t really tell in the picture, but on the left side there are three bags of mulch stacked on top of each other. I was on the right side in the back seat holding the stroller so it wouldn’t fall. We will plan better next time. =]

I’ll definitely post after pictures. I can’t wait to see them myself!
UPDATE – Here’s an updated post!

Just to share a picture of Peanut… he started getting carrots last night and he LOVED them! Hubs couldn’t feed him fast enough!


( In case you’re wondering, Peanut has eczema under his neck so that’s what the redness is from. =[ )

Cabin Nursery Reveal!

My official due date is next Tuesday and yes, I’m just getting around to a nursery reveal. To be honest with you, the nursery isn’t even 100% done. But guess what? It’s done ENOUGH and that works for me. =] (We still need to hang the curtains and add some prints/pictures on the walls.)

We went with a rustic, log cabin, man cave nursery theme and I.LOVE.IT.

Just a warning, I took these pictures with my iPhone so they’re not great quality.

RevealHere is the view I get when I’m standing in Peanut’s doorway.

Door viewIf you remember from my nursery room dilemma post, I went with option 2 and I love it. I can peek in the door and see right to the crib with the dresser mirror positioned the way it is.

Crib decalPeanut even has a trophy wall already. =]

Trophy Corner

I love the moose.

I love the moose.

Hubs showed me those stuffed animal wall mounts one day thinking I wouldn’t go for it, but I LOVED them. Aren’t they just the cutest things?? We got some unfinished wood plaques from the craft store and Hubs stained them to give the mounts a more “realistic” look. I love the way they came out!

Shelf(Of course those frames will eventually have pictures in them.)

Here’s Peanut’s view from his nursery window.

Window viewThe only thing I’m missing for Peanut’s nursery is a stuffed animal bear rug that’s currently out of stock. It’s sooooo cute and I will be snatching it up as soon as it’s available. Here’s what it looks like:

Seriously cute, right?!

Seriously cute, right?!

And just because I’ve missed a couple belly bump pictures, here I am updating you. =]

38 weeks

39 Weeks

What do you think of the nursery?! =]

DIY Ornament Wreath

Ornament WreathI know, I know. Ornament wreaths are EVERYWHERE in blogland. Maybe that’s why I wanted to make one so bad. They’re so pretty!

I won’t go into a full tutorial because there are already a million out there, but just for the record – I used this one.

I (obviously) went with a gold, silver, and red color theme. Honestly, this took me FOREVER. Mainly because I got tired and ache-y (thanks pregnancy) and worked on it over several days weeks. I love how it turned out though! Here’s my quick step by step – and what I would do differently next time.

Gather your supplies. I already had the wreath form on hand but you can get the kind I used at Walmart for around $3. (And feel free to use any other kind of wreath form too. My wreath form was pretty thick and I think I ended up having to use a lot more ornaments than “normal”, which brought up the over all cost of my wreath.) I got all of my ornaments at the dollar store. I probably used around 150.

Ornament Wreath SuppliesTake all the tops off the ornaments. (I laid my ornaments down on a pillow case to try to catch all the glitter.)

Ornaments for wreathI didn’t do this next part but I would HIGHLY recommend it. BEFORE YOU GO ON TO THE NEXT STEP, wrap the wreath form in fabric, ribbon, spray paint in the color scheme you’re using, SOMETHING. I didn’t do anything to mine and am a tiny bit bummed that you can see some of the plain wreath form through the ornaments. Simply covering the wreath form in something similar to your colors/theme will avoid this mishap in the end.

ALSO, I didn’t add anything to hang my wreath with so I ended up having to fish some twine through my ornaments and around the wreath form, which was a pain. Save yourself the trouble and go ahead and add your “hanger” ahead of time.

Okay. moving on.

Start gluing your ornaments around the inside and outside areas (tops up).

Beginning the ornament wreathThen flip it over and start filling in your gaps!

Ornament WreathEventually… TA-DA!

Ornament WreathDid you make an ornament wreath this year? =]