Organizing DVDs

Once upon a time I realized we had too many DVDs. I asked Hubs (very nicely) if I could ditch all of the cases and put the DVDs into a CD binder and he (very nicely) said no.

Looking at all of the DVDs was seriously driving me insane. I found out that I could stack the DVDs on top of each other (instead of standing them side by side) to fit more on one shelf (so I could actually use the shelves for books), but it was still unsightly.

I scoured Pinterest for other ways to organize the DVDs and came up with this:


I went to Lowe’s and got a 1×6 board cut down to 28 inches (the width of my book shelf) and made a “shelf within a shelf”. (I got an 8 foot board and it was about $7.) I didn’t want to spend a lot of money, so I searched around my house work for things I could use to raise the board up. I found these white packing blocks (made of foam) at work and decided to just use those. The floral foam blocks that you use for floral arrangements would work well too, and you can get those at the dollar store!

It wasn’t a DRASTIC improvement, but I’m happy with it. It looks way less cluttered, at least.
(My next mission is to purge books and magazines. Do we really need the Hunting Regulations and Guidelines book for 2011? I think not.)



Yay for small victories!


Sharing My Weekend – To-Do List, Done!

Remember my post last week with my to-do list? Well guess what? I actually got most of it done!

– I left a message with the salesman at the car dealership, but I’m realizing now that he didn’t call me back. So this one gets half a check mark. (Is that allowed?)

– I called USAA and the bill I got in the mail was sent to me before I called and made the changes, so that explains that. (My new bill is actually $17 cheaper. Yay!)

– I called about the property tax on my old vehicle (the one I no longer own) and bummer, I still have to pay it because technically the vehicle was mine at the time the notice was sent. Boo!
A few weeks later I went to pay the bill at the DMV and found out that I actually DON’T have to pay it! The bill was for the year ahead and since I no longer have the vehicle, it’s not my responsibility. AWESOME!

– I moved the paper files upstairs, which cleared the area behind the couch downstairs. Double score!

– I found a home for the blankets! I’ll show you in a minute.

– Dresser and dining table cleared off? Check and check!

– I got some more things together for the Goodwill drop off, but I didn’t actually make it to the Goodwill this weekend. So, half check mark? I think so.


Of course, I forgot to take a picture of my closet before, but just imagine your closet full to the brim, then put a bomb in there and set it off. Can you picture what my closet looked like now? Okay, good.

NOW, it’s organized and beautiful and I can actually walk in it.

When you walk into my bedroom, there’s a small “hallway” to the left that leads to the closet.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdone(Yes, that small amount of shirts up top are ALL the shirts I own. For all seasons. Everything. [And I only actually wear a handful of them…])

In the next picture I’m standing right at the door leading into the closet.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneThis middle area is a bunch of wasted space. I would like to get some hanging organizers (like from this post) to make better use of the space.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneHere’s a better over all picture of the room. I’m standing just inside the door.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneIt’s a long narrow room with two hanging areas on the right (top and bottom) and one (top) hanging area on the left. The upper right holds coats, hoodies, jackets, etc. The shelf down the middle is our jeans/other bottoms. The area on the right holds Hubs’ work clothes, Hubs’ everyday shirts, and then my dresses in the back. The dresser you see on the right holds my camisoles and other misc. items.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneAcross the very top of the closet I have some things stored that I don’t need on an everyday basis. (Top to bottom pictures are actually right to left.)
1. Extra boxes for wrapping gifts (I’m thinking ahead to Christmas lol!). The clear case has all of my wallets.
2. The floral pretty storage bin is actually empty… impulse buy at Walmart clearance. The radio you see is my radio from childhood. I’ve probably had it since I was ten years old!
3. The white bags have my “designer” handbags and the diaper box holds my maternity clothes.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneOn the other side of the room, across the top, I’ve stored some of the blankets we don’t really use and some of Hubs’ misc. things.


sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneAnd then on the floor, under the left side (where the single top hanging area is) I have a bin of purses, my sewing machine, and the paper files I talked about earlier! Woohoo. I didn’t take an overall picture of the floor, but it’s so clear and feels wide open and I can actually easily walk back and forth! Before, there was stuff pushed to the side but it kind of jutted out into the walk area.

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneHere’s one last picture of my closet. I’m standing at the far wall. (The door you see on the left is the door leading INTO the closet.)

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneI also cleared the dresser. It went from this…

sharingmyweekendtodolistdoneto this…

sharingmyweekendtodolistdone(I cleared the dining table too but I don’t have any pictures. Sorry!)

FINALLY cleaning/clearing out the closet made me feel so good! It was one of those tasks that just kept getting pushed farther and farther done my to-do list. The daily dishes and pick up of our living area downstairs always took priority and I guess since no one sees my closet but me, I felt like it was okay to just not do it. Needless to say that since I did do the closet (and it took a lot longer than I hoped because I had Peanut at home with me and he doesn’t nap…) the rest of the “daily” things didn’t get done until later that night. So when Hubs got home he looked around the living room (a mess) and kitchen (dishes everywhere) and said, “So… what did you do all day?” and that’s when I punched him.

And here’s a random picture I took of Hubs’ and Peanut watching fireworks that I will leave you with. If you made it all the way to the end of my post, you at least deserve a cute picture. (Peanut LOVED the fireworks by the way.)


Tips for Organizing Your Closet

(All product links are Amazon Affiliate links.)

This past weekend, aside from everything else we did, I really wanted to clear out and organize my master closet. (I didn’t get around to it, but I thought putting together this list of how to tackle the mess may help me later on.) I’m very fortunate to have a large master closet. The only complaint I have with it is how everything is laid out. It’s a long narrow room with a high bar on one side and two bars (one high, one low) on the other. (And it’s a wire shelving unit which drives me nuts.) It has ZERO shelf space. Boo!

If you remember form this post, I did recently somewhat do a closet purge. Before I returned to work after having Peanut, I needed to get some new clothes because I was about a size bigger than what I was pre-pregnancy. Since I HAD to shop for new clothes, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start building a wardrobe I was happy with. I still have quite a few things in my closet that I can probably do away with, but I feel like if I do anymore purging, I’ll be left with only two outfits. LOL! Oh well, slowly but surely.

So, back to organizing! After browsing Pinterest, here is my plan for some organization!

I really want to get one of these hanging shelf organizer things…

That would give me some much needed shelf space. I could put my bulkier sweaters in there (I leave all of my clothes out throughout the year, I honestly don’t have enough items to switch things out every season). I could also put my skirts and shorts (that I don’t hang) in there as well. (I do have a dresser in the closet but it’s kind of just wasting space.)

I do have my belts and scarves organized pretty well. I use one of these…

It’s really “supposed” to be for hanging multiple dress pants, but it works really great for hanging scarves and belts.

I really want to find a way to hang my camisoles. I don’t know why, but I wear a camisole every stinking day. I guess it’s my security blanket – ha! Right now they are folded up in a drawer, but I feel like that’s wasting drawer space. I’ve been thinking about using a hat or tie rack to hang them up. Something like this…

I want to find something that has hangers that stick out, so I can hang one camisole on each hanger. (I don’t want to use a swing arm hanger because then when I need the one in the back, I have to take them all off and yada yada. Yes, I’m being lazy.) Something like a tie rack would work too.

(At only $3.45, this may be the winner of the camisole problem.)

I need some tips on how to store my purses that aren’t being used though… Any ideas?!
What are some tips/hacks that have helped in organizing your space?

Organizing Make Up

I’m a girl and I like make up.

Whew, okay. I got that off of my chest.

I used to keep my make up in a regular ‘ol make up bag in the corner of my sink. That got old pretty quick and I moved on to one of those hard plastic, acrylic holders.

organizingmakeupThis worked okay for a while. Just a little side story here – I wake up at 5:30 AM during the week (30 minutes before Hubs) and I try my hardest to be as quiet as possible as I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, washing my face, and applying my make up. Let’s admit it – don’t you hate waking up thirty minutes before you actually need to be up!? Well, it never fails that every time I’m TRYING to be quiet, I drop something on the floor with a clatter, I pull out a make up item and everything beside it goes crashing against the side of the holder/smashing into each other, etc. I fail at being quiet.

Until I came upon this awesomeness!

organizingmakeupUm… isn’t this JUST THE CUTEST?! I love it!! Admittedly, (in my opinion) it was a little pricey at $17 plus shipping, but I just had to have it. I love all the little pockets, I love the easy clean/wipe-able interior and exterior, and I love that it helps me be quiet in the morning. =]


organizingmakeupI found this on this site – and you can click there to see more pictures of the caddy as well. (Just a quick run down – there are pockets across the front, on both sides, and on the backside of the interior. The exterior back side is flat so you can fit it flush against the wall, like I did in the first picture.)
And here is the link to the Clever Container representative that helped me order one – click me.

How do you organize your make up?