Peanut’s Birth Story

Whew. Pop a squat and grab some coffee because this post is WAY longer than I thought it would be. (And it could be longer if I actually wrote out EVERY.LITTLE.DETAIL. that sticks out to me as I reread this, but then this post would seriously be 100 times longer than it already is.)

On Monday morning (1/6/2014), I woke up around 5 AM and thought my water had broken. My pants felt wet but it wasn’t a lot – definitely not like the mad gush of water you see on TV. Since it wasn’t a lot of fluid I really wasn’t sure, but of course I didn’t want to think I peed on myself either! I ended up waking Hubs up because I didn’t want it to actually be my water and not go into the hospital, so we got ready and headed out. Better safe than sorry. After I got checked in, the nurse did an exam and we found out that my water did not break, but I was having contractions (that I wasn’t feeling at all). The nurse hooked me up to some monitors to track baby’s heart beat and my contractions. The monitor was showing that I was having Braxton Hicks contractions (false labor contractions). (When the nurse showed the doctor my chart she couldn’t believe that I wasn’t feeling the Braxton Hicks – I know, I’m so tough.) After my exam (I was 1 cm. dilated) the nurse had me walk around the labor area for a while to see if my water would go ahead and break. (Picture me in my plush-y purple bathrobe with black leather biker boots on walking around the hospital – hahaha. I forgot to pack my house slippers…) Hubs and I walked around for about 45 minutes and my water didn’t break. Since everything else seemed fine, after a few hours at the hospital we were sent home. (Before we left I asked the nurse if I had peed myself since it wasn’t my water and she basically said yes. LOL! I couldn’t help but laugh. She said that baby was really low and he basically just put too much pressure on me which made me “leak”.)

My mom, who lives four hours away, met us at our house when we got home. She wanted to be there for my labor and was scheduled to come down the next day, but when she got the “I think my water broke so we’re headed to the hospital, but I’m really not sure if it’s my water so I will let you know as soon I know” text, I immediately got the, “I’m on my way NOW” text back. =] Later that day, I started actually feeling the contractions. When Hubs and I got home, my mom and I made a quick trip to Walmart to grab some things that she had forgotten in her mad rush to get to my house, and for any last minute things Hubs and I needed. I remember walking through Walmart, hands gripping the cart, knuckles turning white, trying to hurry, but trying to walk slowly at the same time. (Side note: When they discharged me from the hospital earlier that morning, the nurse told me that if I started feeling the contractions, to count them and if they were 5-7 minutes a part to call the doctor. Since I didn’t feel any of my contractions until that night, I think the exam I got at the hospital kind of kick started my labor.)

Overnight my contractions started coming closer and closer so I started timing them. I didn’t sleep all night (1/6 going into 1/7) because I kept trying to time my contractions but kept dozing off so I had to start all over. I ended up using the timer on my phone to count my contractions and they were between 4-6 minutes apart. By this time it was Tuesday early morning and I didn’t want to go back into the hospital just to be sent home again, so I called the doctor on call around 6 AM and told her my situation – I was just in the hospital the morning before, that I had a regular checkup appointment scheduled for later that same day at 2 PM, but since my contractions were pretty close together I wondered if I could just change my 2 PM appointment to first thing that morning instead of going back into the hospital just to get sent home. The doctor told me that was the best idea, to call the OB office first thing in the morning and tell them I needed to come in for a labor check. (My due date was also this day – 1/7.) So, at 8 AM I called my OB and told them what the doctor said and they told me to come on in. (They were just going to squeeze me into the schedule.) It took me a while to get ready because my contractions were feeling pretty bad by then. I had to keep stopping in the middle of getting ready to stand still and try not to tense during a contraction. My mom and I left my house around 9 AM and got to the OB office around 9:30. I checked in and waited to be seen. After a little while the doctor came in, gave me an exam (which told me that now I was dilated to about 1.5-2 cm. dilated) and then they did a “non-stress test” to monitor my contractions and see how they were affecting baby. We found out that my contractions had picked up and were actually now 2-3 minutes a part, so the doctor went ahead and sent me over to Labor and Delivery at the hospital. (Another side note – I seriously had not eaten anything since Monday when I got home from the hospital because with having the contractions I just didn’t feel like I could eat. Before we went over to the hospital the second time, Hubs ((who had met us at the OB)) asked the doctor if I could eat something before we went to the hospital. The doctor said I could but not to “sit down” and have a meal because I would just regret it later. ((Hubs asked in the first place because I had heard that once you go into Labor and Delivery, they won’t let you eat anything at the hospital.)) Well, we went straight to the hospital and asked the nurse if I could have a muffin and she said no! Hubs had to argue with her a little stating that the doctor said I could, the nurse said they don’t allow it, Hubs asked her to ask the doctor because I hadn’t eaten anything in almost a whole day, the nurse asked, and came back with two muffins that I ended up not even eating because I wasn’t feeling well… Our ((first)) nurse was an older lady who had the “I’ve done this a million times” demeanor and we really didn’t think we were going to like her because she was a little too direct and “matter of factly”, but we ended up loving her.)  So, I got to the hospital, checked in, and got hooked to the monitors again. I got another exam done and I hadn’t progressed anymore dilation wise, so the nurse had me walk around. I couldn’t walk for more than 10 minutes though because my contractions were really painful. The nurse told me I could have my water broken for me or be sent home because I wouldn’t progress anymore without my water breaking. I was scared to get my water broken because I was afraid it would hurt, but I went through with it and it didn’t hurt at all! About thirty minutes after my water was broken my contractions started getting REALLY bad. I had opted not to get the pain reliever that’s injected into my IV. I can’t remember what it was called but it was basically just to take the edge off the pain and would possibly make me and baby drowsy. I did want the epidural, but I had to request it and it would take an hour to receive. I requested the epidural as soon as my water broke because the doctor said it was best to just go ahead and order it and if I decided later that I didn’t want it then I didn’t have to get it, but at least this way it was ordered and ready. Since I had found out earlier in pregnancy that I tested positive for Group B Strep I had to have an antibiotic in my IV and the nurse couldn’t order my epidural until the antibiotic was done dripping into the IV, so I had an additional 20 minutes or so to wait on top of the hour wait for the epidural. When I had about 15 minutes left to wait for the epidural my contractions were so bad that I didn’t think I could take it anymore. The nurse came in and asked me if I wanted that initial pain reliever (the one that I opted out of at first) and I nodded my head yes because I was in so much pain. It actually didn’t do anything for me because I got my epidural soon after. Fifteen minutes seemed like forever when they told me that’s how much longer I had to wait. My father in law was watching my contractions on the chart and told me later on that they were spiking well over 100 and only going down to about 50, instead of 0. That would explain why I felt like I was having one long continuous contraction that never went away (until the epidural). At one point I remember saying, “Why isn’t it going away?!” and I just heard a chuckle from my father in law and ignored it. That explains the chuckle. Meanie. =] To give you an idea of the pressure and pain, I went from being 3 cm. dilated to being 9 cm. dilated in about an hour. That’s fast! (And painful!) When it was time for the epidural, I was terrified because needles just aren’t my thing and getting one in my spine sounded HORRIBLE! (Plus I had heard all the scary stories about how big the needle was.) I am happy to say that my epidural didn’t hurt AT ALL. I didn’t even feel it. I don’t know if it’s because I had built it up so much in my head, if it’s because I was having a contraction at the time, or if it’s because the anesthesiologist was great, but either way, I didn’t feel it and I’m glad. (The anesthesiologist talked me through the whole thing and I kept trying not to tense but failing, and one point I had a tiny hiccup as he was getting the needle into my spine and he said, “don’t move, don’t move” and I said, “I had to burp” and there was a pause and then he just laughed – LOL!) The epidural provided SO MUCH relief. I was able to just lay back and could relax a little. It was night and day with and without the epidural. I got to 10 cm. dilated just a few minutes later, did some pushing to try to get baby to crown, sat up in bed to labor down (allow baby to come farther down my birthing canal), pushed some more (after some talks of maybe having to do a c-section because baby wouldn’t pass my pelvic bone) and then I was ready for delivery. (I didn’t end up needing to get a c-section by the way. I really didn’t want to have to get one, but after talking about it I told myself that I would rather go into a c-section knowing ((hopefully)) that everything would be okay rather than trying to push, baby getting stuck, and getting an emergency c-section. But I really didn’t want to have to do a c-section at all so I think I unknowingly started pushing harder to avoid that from happening.) My doctor however, was not ready for me. He was in emergency surgery so I had to wait to actually give birth. Baby wasn’t coming “on his own” so they felt it was okay for me to wait. (If baby had kept coming then they would have just gotten another doctor, but the doctor wouldn’t have been from my OB practice.) Unfortunately after a while my contractions started slowing down and I was given some sugar water and Pitocin to get my contractions to come back. (I could have started pushing and had baby by 7 PM on 1/7, but since the doctor wasn’t ready I waited.) The doctor ended up coming in around 12:50 AM (midnight) on 1/8 and I delivered baby at 1:05 AM. I found out later that my contractions had never really come back though. With my epidural I couldn’t feel my contractions, so I just pushed when the nurse told me I was having one. Well, Hubs told me later on that I wasn’t having contractions but the nurse was telling me I was so that I would push. MEANING I pushed out my 8 lb. 5 oz. baby BY MYSELF!! (Obviously I was a little too preoccupied to notice the confused look on Hubs face when the nurse was telling me I was having a contraction when I really wasn’t – ha!)



Introducing...Labor and delivery is truly an amazing thing. I know everyone says that but I don’t think you can truly understand the amazement until you actually go through it. You feel every emotion possible – happy, sad, scared, excited, worried, strong, weak, adrenaline-rushed, and exhausted.

Oh, and just to leave on a funny note – the first thing Peanut did when they put him on my chest was poop on me. Thaaaaaaanks little guy. ;]


Third Trimester Recap

You can read all about my first trimester recap here and my second trimester recap here.

Third Trimester Timeline: Weeks 28 – Weeks 40

This post will probably have more pictures than words because my mind is mush. =] My little guy is now 11 WEEKS OLD (How did that happen?!) so I’m really having to dig into my brain to remember these last weeks of pregnancy.

So, the first part of the third trimester for me started very energetic. I was so excited for our little bundle of joy to join us! There’s nothing like counting down the weeks when they’re in the single digits! The nursery was coming along and the excitement just builds the closer you get to your date. And then, of course, when you have about six weeks left you start worrying that you really only have three weeks left because sometimes baby’s are early and then OH NO THE NURSERY ISN’T DONE and you stress out, which is not good. Try not to do that. =] The closer you get, the more your symptoms start to be like how they were when you first got pregnant – loss of appetite, sleepy, etc. And then your belly just gets so big that you can’t get comfortable enough to sleep. I sound like I’m complaining, sorry! I think I’m just tired. It’s a true story that “You think you’re tired now, wait until you have kids!” Ha! But I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

28 weeksNot being able to see my toes got official at 29 weeks, as you can see below… =]

29 weeks
30 weeksAnd apparently pregnancy brain gets really bad at 31 weeks. The below is actually 31 weeks, not 32. =]

31 weeksTHIS is really 32 weeks…

32 weeksI can’t remember exactly when I stopped being able to wear my rings on my finger (due to swelling), but they eventually became a necklace pendant. (I actually had to get my rings resized 1/4 size bigger to be able to wear them again after pregnancy – and I waited 10 weeks to see if they would fit again. They did not.)

RingsMy manager at work threw me a baby shower luncheon and it was SO sweet. I totally wasn’t expecting it at all. You can read all about it here.

Yay33 weeks…

33 weeks1/100th of Peanut’s clothes…

This is probably 1/16th of Peanut's clothes - LOL!

34 weeksHubs hadn’t put the door knob back on the nursery door (he spray painted it oil rubbed bronze) and I snuck this picture of him putting the crib together. =]


35 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeksOne advantage of having a belly bump around the holidays is that when you open your Christmas cards all of the glitter will fall on your belly instead of your floor. =]

38 weeks2

39 weeksAnd that’s the last of the pictures! I didn’t get a chance to take a 40 week picture considering I went into labor on Peanut’s actual due date, and he was born at 1:05 AM the next morning. How crazy would that have been if he had been born on his actual due date?!

I’ll try to post about his birth story soon!

Cabin Nursery Reveal!

My official due date is next Tuesday and yes, I’m just getting around to a nursery reveal. To be honest with you, the nursery isn’t even 100% done. But guess what? It’s done ENOUGH and that works for me. =] (We still need to hang the curtains and add some prints/pictures on the walls.)

We went with a rustic, log cabin, man cave nursery theme and I.LOVE.IT.

Just a warning, I took these pictures with my iPhone so they’re not great quality.

RevealHere is the view I get when I’m standing in Peanut’s doorway.

Door viewIf you remember from my nursery room dilemma post, I went with option 2 and I love it. I can peek in the door and see right to the crib with the dresser mirror positioned the way it is.

Crib decalPeanut even has a trophy wall already. =]

Trophy Corner

I love the moose.

I love the moose.

Hubs showed me those stuffed animal wall mounts one day thinking I wouldn’t go for it, but I LOVED them. Aren’t they just the cutest things?? We got some unfinished wood plaques from the craft store and Hubs stained them to give the mounts a more “realistic” look. I love the way they came out!

Shelf(Of course those frames will eventually have pictures in them.)

Here’s Peanut’s view from his nursery window.

Window viewThe only thing I’m missing for Peanut’s nursery is a stuffed animal bear rug that’s currently out of stock. It’s sooooo cute and I will be snatching it up as soon as it’s available. Here’s what it looks like:

Seriously cute, right?!

Seriously cute, right?!

And just because I’ve missed a couple belly bump pictures, here I am updating you. =]

38 weeks

39 Weeks

What do you think of the nursery?! =]

Crib, Appointment, and Starbucks

I ordered our baby crib yesterday! Is that serious business or what!? We should be getting it in 7-14 business days and I am so excited!


Uwww… ahhhh… pretty! =]

We ended up ordering the Storkcraft Tuscany 4-in-1 in Oak. It’s kind of funny because I did a lot of research on different cribs and had another one picked out. Then, one day, I went to a Babies R Us and LOVED the way this one looked. I decided right then and there that it’s the one I wanted. (I did go home and research this specific crib (DUH!) and I was so excited to see that it had great reviews across the board.) Woohoo! Does that ever happen to you? You’re making a big purchase and you do your research and you think you know which one you’re getting and then all of a sudden your mind changes and you go with something completely different? It happens to me ALL THE TIME.

This is the crib I was originally going to get:

Crib 2
It’s the Da Vinci Parker Crib that I had originally seen on but is apparently not sold anymore. I love wood tones so I knew I didn’t want a black or white crib. I loved the dark wood on this crib and the curvy front and back. It even came with a little rolling drawer that you can kind of see underneath the crib. I read reviews that the drawer was a bit flimsy but that didn’t bother me too much. I liked the way the crib looked and that it had good reviews.

Instead we went with the light crib with the sleigh back and I really love it. Let’s look at it again:

CribLove! I didn’t want to pay more than $200 for a crib and this crib was $230, so not too bad. I think all cribs convert to full sized beds nowadays, but you have to get the conversion rails. I haven’t gotten those yet but I’m contemplating it.
Any suggestions/advice on that?

In other news:

Today, 10/31 (yes, Halloween), I had my thirty week pregnancy appointment!

30 WeeksI got a shot in both arms. =[ Random fact about me – I don’t know why but I’m terrified of needles! I was getting myself so worked up over having to get the flu shot that I was hot and sweaty. I was seriously ready to cry! Needles When I got called back I told the nurse that I was scared and that I’m a baby and that if I cried just don’t laugh at me – lol! She did my flu shot so easily and it didn’t hurt at all! I asked her if my TDAPP (whooping cough) shot would feel like that and she said, “If I do it it will” so I said, “Do it now!” (I was going to wait until my next appointment to get the TDAPP because TWO SHOTS IN ONE DAY!?!?) Since she did my flu shot so well I signed the TDAPP paper and got it over with. When I told my SIL she said, “Now you’re going to be sore in both arms.”. Oops, didn’t think about that. Oh well. =]

According to the doctor, Peanut is measuring on time and his heart beat is nice and strong! Now I have to go to the doctor every two weeks – opposed to every four! Delivery is coming soon!! Someone hold me.

After my appointment I decided I was going to treat myself to Starbucks for being such a big girl about getting my shots and not crying. I went through the drive thru and when I got to the window to pay the lady told me “it was on them” and to have a good day! SWEEEEET!

Second Trimester Recap

You can read all about my first trimester recap here.

Second Trimester Timeline: Weeks 14 – Weeks 27
Currently at: Week 28

Geez, I’m not even sure where to start with this! As I mentioned in my first trimester recap, I was doing really well with not being sick in the first trimester. I had stomach ache feelings but nothing too horrendous. I heard that most women are the most sick in their first trimester, so when I was reaching my second and felt fine I was thinking this was going to be a breeze. WELL, going into my second was when I started to feel pretty bad. I got constant, terrible headaches and even started throwing up. My doctor told me that wasn’t very common, but (and you will hear this A LOT when you’re pregnant), everyone is different. I’m not sure how to explain the headaches because I’ve never had a migraine, but they were B-A-D. I wasn’t sensitive to light and they weren’t making me nauseous, so I ruled out it as possibly being a migraine. Just imagine your worst headache EVER, and you know what I mean. They went on for a few weeks until I finally called my doctor. They wanted me to see a neurologist but I’m a pansy and didn’t go through with that. This may sound a little crazy, but when I found out I was pregnant I completely cut out caffeine – soda, sweets, sugars, etc. I told my doctor about this and she suggested that they could actually be “withdrawal headaches”. Weird huh? She told me that the next time I got a headache to try drinking half a Coke and seeing how I felt. Weirdly, and awesomely, it worked! She told me that sometimes your body just needs that jolt of caffeine and suddenly taking that away could cause these withdrawal headaches. So, gladly, they were gone in a few days and I haven’t had one since!


Left: 14 Weeks // Right: 15 Weeks

16 Weeks

16 Weeks

17 Weeks

17 Weeks

Around this time (17 weeks) was when I felt Peanut move for the first time. It was the weirdest/coolest thing. Honestly, I don’t think I realized what it was at first. I’ve read that it can feel like a fish swimming, popcorn popping, or flutters. All I remember is that I was sitting at my work desk and just felt something… different. As soon as my brain processed what I just experienced, I got super excited and immediately emailed my sister in law. I would describe my first baby movement feeling as popcorn popping. It was like tiny taps inside my tummy.

Around this time is when I finally scored a dresser for the nursery off of Craigslist. It was a steal! You can read about it here.

18 Weeks

18 Weeks

At my 18 week appointment, August 9th 2013, we found out we were having a… BOY! That ultrasound/body scan was so amazing. It is absolutely crazy how in depth the doctors can get. You can read all about it and see more pictures here.

I didn't actually buy these shoes... Ha!

I didn’t actually buy these shoes… Ha!


19 weeks

20 WeeksHalfway through pregnancy. Whew!

21 Weeks

22 Weeks

22 Weeks

21 Weeks

24 Weeks

Happy happy happy.

Happy happy happy.

Around my 24th week of pregnancy, September 21st 2013, I had my baby shower. It’s also when my mom came down from VA and I got to see her again. My baby shower was so much fun and I scored some really great gifts. I got to see a lot of people that I hadn’t seen in a while and it was just a really great time. Plus, there was ice cream cake. (Definitely read about my baby shower to get some great ideas for inexpensive, ready made decor.) I also had a second baby shower at my church the next day and all those details are there as well.

Baby Shower 2

Snoopy NoseAround this time is also when I saw Peanut move for the first time. It was INSANE! I was driving home from work and was feeling kicks, which is pretty normal. I happened to look down and my stomach was moving! I called Hubs right away and told him. Then later that night, after dinner, we both just stared at my tummy to see if it would happen again – and it did! Now we see my stomach moving all the time. I can sit back and just watch this little ball move back and forth. And the rolls are the funniest! They feel funny and kind of tickle. When Hubs felt the rolling movement under his hands for the first time he jerked his hand away and was like, “WHOA!” =]

Around my 25th week of pregnancy I started experiencing acid reflux. I actually didn’t know that’s what it was at first, and even still I’m just going off of what I read about my symptoms. I noticed at night, when laying down for bed, I would get this “lump in my throat” feeling and it made me feel like I was going to throw up, without actually being nauseous, if that’s possible. I only had it a few nights a week so I didn’t think too much of it. One morning at work I decided to just Google it and see what came up. Most things said it was acid reflux and that “lump in your throat” feeling was actually valves closing to prevent the acid from coming up, or something like that. I had read before that some women experience acid reflux at one point or another, so I’m just going with that. It’s not terrible at all and like I said, I really don’t experience it THAT much and I’m able to sleep it off.

25 Weeks
26 Weeks

26 weeks.

26 weeks.

At my 26th week of pregnancy, October 4th 2013, I had my glucose screening test. I would recommend making sure you eat something before you go in. That hour of just a sugary beverage in your tummy could cause a major crash with an empty stomach! I went ahead and took the day off of work for my appointment because I had read that some women didn’t feel well the rest of the day. I got lucky and actually felt pretty good. (BTW, the doctors told me that no news is good news – so basically they would call me within 3-7 business days if I failed the glucose screening, otherwise they would just tell me my results at my next appointment. It’s been 8 business days since my appointment, so I guess I passed.)

ALL IN ALL, I have been truly blessed throughout my pregnancy so far. Besides the few weeks of being sick in the beginning of my second trimester, I really haven’t had much else to complain about. And even when I was feeling sick during those few weeks, it wasn’t like I was wanting to stay home from work and cry. Honestly, when I did throw up I didn’t even feel it coming. It just happened. I didn’t get hot and sweaty and dizzy or anything like that. I haven’t had any cravings. I haven’t been emotional. I haven’t felt dizzy or off balance at all. I haven’t had any back pain. I had one day of swollen feet, for about three hours, so that’s nothing. I haven’t had any weird strong senses of smell. I’ve felt pretty normal. Even today I’m feeling fabulous. Sometimes in the mornings I spring out of bed forgetting I’m even pregnant. =]

BUT, delivery is coming. Twelve more weeks! The nursery is underway and we will soon be a three person family. (Five if you include the pups.) I really want to get some maternity pictures done soon and then just prepare prepare prepare for baby. The worries and fears of delivery and recovery come to me every now and then, but I just say my prayers and know that everything will be okay.