Sharing My Weekend – Hair Cut and Happy Easter!

I hope you all had a great Easter! He is risen!

I have a lot of photos to share today, so I’ll keep the posting short and sweet.

Saturday – Peanut got his second hair cut – this time we actually cut it all the way around. If you remember from this post his first hair cut was really just to trim up his bangs. This time around we hacked it all off. (Not really, but pretty much.) He didn’t sit as still this time, but once we got Mickey up on Youtube he was good to go. After that we went to Walmart to grab a few things and headed home to put Peanut down for his nap. (One of the main reasons we got Peanut’s hair cut was because everyone kept thinking he was a girl. Well, when we went to Walmart right afterward, the first thing someone said was that “We had a beautiful baby girl!” I thought Hubs’ head was going to explode – LOL!!!!)

Sunday – We went to church and then headed over to my SIL’s new house to have dinner with Hubs’ family. It was a lot of fun!

Don't let this photo fool you. He was quite squirmy before Mickey.

Don’t let this photo fool you. He was quite squirmy before Mickey.

The first picture is before the cut. It was SO long!

The first picture is before the cut. It was SO long!

My Easter gifts. :]

My Easter gifts. :]



Nom nom nom. Marshmallows.

Nom nom nom. Marshmallows.

Peanut was too busy eating Jelly Beans.

Peanut was too busy eating Jelly Beans.



Just for the record – Peanut and Hubs got Easter baskets too. I took pictures on Hubs’ phone but for some reason they came out really blurry. Peanut got a coloring book, crayons, reading book, Mickey figurine, new zip sweater, and a miniature bat and baseball set. (I say miniature, but the foam bat is probably as big as Peanut.) Hubs got pajama pants, socks, and candy. :]

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Week’s End 04032015

Happy Good Friday!


I named my tote bag "Betsey".  :]

I named my tote bag “Betsey”. :]



I know, you're jealous.

I know, you’re jealous. ;]

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10 Things… (April 2015)

Whew! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these “10 Things” post. Here we go!

1. Peanut will be 15 months in one week. WHAT?! I plan on doing a 15 month update next Wednesday, so be on the lookout!

2. I talked about how I finally got a Kreg Jig* for Christmas last year and how I was so excited, but I haven’t used it yet – ha! I do have a project build in mind (and planned out with cuts) but I have no way of actually cutting the wood. I’ve been looking into getting a circular saw and think I’m going to get this one*.

3. I’ve started reading a lot on my Kindle* again. I go through phases where I read book after book and then I go MONTHS without reading a single thing. I’m definitely on the “book after book” phase right now. I think this is my third book in one week.

4. Hubs and I are really working on paying down debt this year and to make sure we don’t work, work, work without treating ourselves, we’ve set an allowance for each other. It’s kind of weird to have over $50 (I NEVER have this much cash) and really have nothing in mind to spend it on… GASP. So unlike me. :]

5. I FINALLY created my 101 in 1001 list and it’s keeping me in check. A lot of it is house related stuff and it felt good just to get it all written out. I’ve already crossed some things off!

6. We’re going through a home purge and yesterday I took three grocery bags and five diaper boxes full of stuff to Goodwill. It felt SO GOOD to finally clear out the upstairs hallway.

7. The weather is starting to warm up and I’m reeeeeally hoping it stays this way. I’m done with the cold!

8. I WILL take Peanut to the pool this year. I think he’ll love it!

9. Any recommendations for a good hand cream? My hands have been SO dry and the skin on my knuckles keeps cracking. =\

10. Does anyone even read these? :]

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Walmart Beauty Box – Spring 2015

I got my second Walmart beauty box in the mail yesterday and I’m thrilled with what I received! I mentioned in this post that I wasn’t sure which box that was – if it was Winter or Spring (I signed up in the beginning of February). Well, this box is definitely the Spring box, so that last one must have been for Winter. :]



Here’s what I got:

Four sample sized products:
– “Lady Gaga Fame” sample perfume
– Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes
– Dove Go Fresh body wash
– Essence ULTIME Omega Repair and Moisture shampoo and conditioner- Nivea In Shower Body Lotion

I also got multiple coupons, including:
$2.00 off 1 Essence ULTIME hair care product
$2.00 off One CoverGirl + Olay Simply Ageless Foundation Product
$3.00 off 1 ULTIME or Keratin Hair Coloring Product
$2.00 off L’Oreal Paris Cosmetic Purchase
$2.00 off Maybelline Fit Me Face Product (I also just realized there’s a sample foundation attached to the coupon.)
$1.00 off 1 Nivea In Shower Body Lotion

UM, THANK YOU WALMART. I think this box is GREAT for the $5 I paid to get it.

*Walmart beauty boxes are quarterly boxes and $5 each. You only need to sign up once and when it’s time for a box, Walmart will bill you and send you an email with a tracking number.*

Sharing My Weekend – Partying and Cleaning House

On Saturday, Peanut went to his first non-family related birthday party and he had a blast! The party was for my friend’s, M, little boy who turns one today.


It was a superhero themed party, so all of the kids were in their various superhero shirts. It was so cute! Peanut went as Batman (he had a cape on too, but you can’t see it in this picture).

Hi. I'm cute.

Hi. I’m cute.

He had so much fun! Now that he’s walking, he was allll over the place.


Maybe he should have went as “The Flash”! :]

(Now you can see his cape.)

(Here’s the cape.)

The birthday boy got tons of cool toys!



My friend made this AWESOME cake. Look at this!


"I'm just going to put my foot in it."

“I’m just going to put my foot in it.”

"Okay, I'll eat it!"

“Okay, I’ll eat it!”

Peanut had SO MUCH FUN and was wiped out by the time we got home.


Later that afternoon we went over to my SIL’s house to get the armoire we bought from them (they’re moving and were trying to get rid of it). It’s really going to help us sort stuff out in our guest room and I am SO excited. Then, that evening we went over the Hubs’ parents house to hang out and have dinner with them.

On Sunday, Hubs and I did some major home purging. We got the armoire situatued in its place upstairs and then Hubs went to work getting/sorting all of his hunting stuff into it. That means that now I have closet space to organize other things! While he worked on that, I did the following:

– I FINALLY cleaned out the fridge (It was loooong overdue. I don’t even know when we had chili… so who knows how long that Tupperware was in there?) =\
– I  FINALLY got some pictures framed. (Note – I didn’t actually hang them… but they’re framed!)
– I FINALLY wrote down all of the stuff I’m taking to the Goodwill and boxed it up. (FIVE diaper boxes full!) AND I loaded them into the Swagon to get dropped off. No more boxes full of stuff cluttering the upstairs hallway!!!
– We got Peanut’s new car seat* installed – sniffle. He’s growing too fast.
– I did ALL of the laundry (and put it away. Go me!).
– I did ALL of the dishes – which was A LOT after emptying the fridge.

We all (including Peanut) got cleaned up early and were able to actually relax a little.

It was definitely another FULL weekend – fun stuff mixed in with stuff that NEEDED to be done mixed in with relaxation.
That’s success in my book! :]

*Amazon Affiliate link (We got the color called “Splash”.)