Two Super Simple Dollar Tree Christmas Wreaths

I know y’all already have your beautiful Christmas wreaths hanging on your front door, but if you’re like me and you decided to wait until the week before Christmas to make one, then this post is for you! :]

Here are two super simple wreaths that you can make from items found at Dollar Tree.

The first super simple wreath is the sock wreath. I got two pairs of “knee high” Christmas socks and a small foam wreath form for $3 at Dollar Tree. I just cut my wreath form in half on one side, cut the toes off my socks, and slipped the socks over the wreath form. (My wreath form actually completely snapped in half while I was putting the socks on, so I just used my hot glue gun to put it back together once I had the socks on.) Something I would suggest doing (in hindsight, of course) is making sure your socks are going in one direction. That way you can scrunch the elastic side over the (now loose) toe side. This might show better in the picture…

See the red and white striped sections (12:00 and 3:00)? That’s the elastic part of the sock pulled over the toe end of the other sock. See where the green stripes end and the red starts (about 8:00)? That is toe to toe, not elastic to toe. I don’t know if that makes any sense so I’ll just stop now. Isn’t it pretty?!

The second wreath I want to share is my tinsel wreath – you need a wreath form and about four garlands of tinsel. I actually used a wreath I already had at home (my American Flag one) and just wrapped my tinsel right over it! So, this wreath cost me $4.

I’m just keepin it real here… this is the only picture I have of my wreath. It was taken with my iPhone and in the dark… so it pretty much sucks. I’d tell myself that I’d go home tonight and take a better picture, but I know that really means I’ll post this sometime next week. And posting this next week (the week OF Christmas) is so not helpful at all… The week before Christmas? Semi-helpful. The week OF Christmas – not helpful at all.

So, here’s my wreath. (Don’t judge me.)

twosupersimpledollartreechristmaswreathsAnd here are some ideas of better looking tinsel wreaths. You know, how I pictured my wreath turning out in my head. :] By the way, you could totally do a blue tinsel wreath and make it more of a Winter wreath if you don’t want a red/green Christmas-y one.

So there you go – two easy, inexpensive wreaths!

On another note, we had our new windows installed yesterday. Yay! :]


Tips for Organizing Your Closet

(All product links are Amazon Affiliate links.)

This past weekend, aside from everything else we did, I really wanted to clear out and organize my master closet. (I didn’t get around to it, but I thought putting together this list of how to tackle the mess may help me later on.) I’m very fortunate to have a large master closet. The only complaint I have with it is how everything is laid out. It’s a long narrow room with a high bar on one side and two bars (one high, one low) on the other. (And it’s a wire shelving unit which drives me nuts.) It has ZERO shelf space. Boo!

If you remember form this post, I did recently somewhat do a closet purge. Before I returned to work after having Peanut, I needed to get some new clothes because I was about a size bigger than what I was pre-pregnancy. Since I HAD to shop for new clothes, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to start building a wardrobe I was happy with. I still have quite a few things in my closet that I can probably do away with, but I feel like if I do anymore purging, I’ll be left with only two outfits. LOL! Oh well, slowly but surely.

So, back to organizing! After browsing Pinterest, here is my plan for some organization!

I really want to get one of these hanging shelf organizer things…

That would give me some much needed shelf space. I could put my bulkier sweaters in there (I leave all of my clothes out throughout the year, I honestly don’t have enough items to switch things out every season). I could also put my skirts and shorts (that I don’t hang) in there as well. (I do have a dresser in the closet but it’s kind of just wasting space.)

I do have my belts and scarves organized pretty well. I use one of these…

It’s really “supposed” to be for hanging multiple dress pants, but it works really great for hanging scarves and belts.

I really want to find a way to hang my camisoles. I don’t know why, but I wear a camisole every stinking day. I guess it’s my security blanket – ha! Right now they are folded up in a drawer, but I feel like that’s wasting drawer space. I’ve been thinking about using a hat or tie rack to hang them up. Something like this…

I want to find something that has hangers that stick out, so I can hang one camisole on each hanger. (I don’t want to use a swing arm hanger because then when I need the one in the back, I have to take them all off and yada yada. Yes, I’m being lazy.) Something like a tie rack would work too.

(At only $3.45, this may be the winner of the camisole problem.)

I need some tips on how to store my purses that aren’t being used though… Any ideas?!
What are some tips/hacks that have helped in organizing your space?

DIY Ornament Wreath

Ornament WreathI know, I know. Ornament wreaths are EVERYWHERE in blogland. Maybe that’s why I wanted to make one so bad. They’re so pretty!

I won’t go into a full tutorial because there are already a million out there, but just for the record – I used this one.

I (obviously) went with a gold, silver, and red color theme. Honestly, this took me FOREVER. Mainly because I got tired and ache-y (thanks pregnancy) and worked on it over several days weeks. I love how it turned out though! Here’s my quick step by step – and what I would do differently next time.

Gather your supplies. I already had the wreath form on hand but you can get the kind I used at Walmart for around $3. (And feel free to use any other kind of wreath form too. My wreath form was pretty thick and I think I ended up having to use a lot more ornaments than “normal”, which brought up the over all cost of my wreath.) I got all of my ornaments at the dollar store. I probably used around 150.

Ornament Wreath SuppliesTake all the tops off the ornaments. (I laid my ornaments down on a pillow case to try to catch all the glitter.)

Ornaments for wreathI didn’t do this next part but I would HIGHLY recommend it. BEFORE YOU GO ON TO THE NEXT STEP, wrap the wreath form in fabric, ribbon, spray paint in the color scheme you’re using, SOMETHING. I didn’t do anything to mine and am a tiny bit bummed that you can see some of the plain wreath form through the ornaments. Simply covering the wreath form in something similar to your colors/theme will avoid this mishap in the end.

ALSO, I didn’t add anything to hang my wreath with so I ended up having to fish some twine through my ornaments and around the wreath form, which was a pain. Save yourself the trouble and go ahead and add your “hanger” ahead of time.

Okay. moving on.

Start gluing your ornaments around the inside and outside areas (tops up).

Beginning the ornament wreathThen flip it over and start filling in your gaps!

Ornament WreathEventually… TA-DA!

Ornament WreathDid you make an ornament wreath this year? =]

DIY Fabric Wrapped Ornaments (On a Budget)

Fabric Wrapped OrnamentsThe year before Hubs and I got married I thought I would be clever and get some Christmas decor while it was on clearance for 75% off after the holidays. I didn’t want to/couldn’t spend a lot of money, so 75% off sounded great to me! I scored some glittery green and red ball ornaments for about $1.25 a pack.

Two and a half years later and I still like the ornaments, but I don’t love them. So what did I do? I scoured Pinterest and Google to see if I could find a way to up-cycle the ones I already have, rather than going out and buying new ones. I knew I wanted a rustic-y feel and I didn’t want to permanently change the ornaments (in case I up-cycled them and didn’t like it). So, spray painting them was out of the question (even though they have some really cute ideas that way!). I came across a “pin” that had fabric wrapped ornaments and I thought, “BINGO!” that’s it. (I basically followed this tutorial over at Shanty-2-Chic.)

Now, yes, it’s two years later, but I’m still on a budget… who isn’t these days? I looked everywhere for rustic-y or classic Christmas print fabric but man, fabric isn’t cheap! I knew I really wanted to do one set of ornaments in a red and green plaid. I looked at Joann’s Fabrics, Walmart,, etc. I knew I needed about a 12 inch square to do one ornament, so one yard of fabric would allow me to do about six ornaments (and my pack had 18) and at $4+ a yard, I knew that was going to add up quick.

Then I thought, what about using a tablecloth like what I did with my sidelight curtains? Another BINGO. I found a fabric (52 inch x 70inch) red and green plaid tablecloth at Marshall’s for $7.99!

On to the fun stuff!
You will need your fabric, ornaments, small rubber bands, and any ribbon you want to decorate with.

1I started by cutting my tablecloth into 12 inch squares (my ornaments were a bit smaller than “standard” so try one ornament and see how it works out for you). The lines don’t have to be straight and your measurements don’t have to be exact. You’ll see why in a minute.

Place your ornament in the center of your square.

2Then bring up all the sides so they are covering your ornaments.

3Take your small rubber band and loop it around the fabric to hold it all in place. (Loop it around the fabric, around the part where you hang your hook.) I used these rubber bands from the dollar store. I’m pretty sure they’re actually for your hair…

45Then you want to cut your fabric to make it nice and “floofy” (yes, that’s a word) at the top. Start long and keep cutting according to how you want it to look. (And this is why your cuts don’t have to be straight or perfectly even.)

6Then fish out the part where you insert your hook.

7Insert your hook and TA-DA!

8You could leave them like that and call it a day, OR add some twine… (I just tied it around once, no double knot or anything – my twine was pretty thick so it stayed in place well.)

910I took another step and tied a bow and just hot glued it on top of the twine.

FinalRed OrnamentI LOVE how they came out, don’t you? =]

I had another set of red ornaments to do as well, but couldn’t find another tablecloth that I liked, so I went to browse Walmart and guess what I found? A plaid twin flat bed sheet for $4.97. DONE.

Red afterRed after with treeNow I have two brand new (to me) sets of ornaments!

You could use any fabric you want and totally make this your own! =]

Sharing My Weekend – Cleaning, Cold, Crafts, and CRUD!

That title describes my weekend – ha!

I really don’t have anything fantastic to say, but I feel like writing.

CLEANING – Saturday was a day of cleaning – boy oh boy. But it needed to be done so I’m glad I did it. I actually got a lot accomplished. Considering that I am due with my first pregnancy in just six short weeks, things needed to get done already! If you remember, Hubs completed painting the ceiling, walls, trim and doing the touch ups at the end of last week.

The boys working on taping off the baseboards.

The boys working on taping off the baseboards.

This weekend he updated the door hinges and door knobs by spray painting them oil rubbed bronze. (He actually did the door hinges in our guest bedroom as well and they came out great.) He scrubbed the doors clean and then reattached them. He had to do a little touch up with the door knob so it’s not back on yet, but that’s no big deal. Easy fix. He also got the crib (box) upstairs this past weekend too.

Technically the crib is in the nursery.

Technically the crib is in the nursery.

Hubs also helped me clear out/organize the guest room. There isn’t really a bed in the guest room, so when my mom comes to visit she brings an air mattress. I know she plans on coming here once I go into labor (she lives about 3.5 hours away), so I wanted to make sure that the room was cleared out for her. It’s not exactly “cleared out” right now, but all of the stuff “in the way” is baby stuff that will get sorted nicely into the nursery once it’s done being set up. I organized what I could and then Hubs moved some furniture around in there for me.

We normally get our Christmas tree on the day after Thanksgiving so I went ahead and cleared the living room to make way for the tree.  Later that night we went to pick up my little sister in law because she was staying the night at our house.

COLD – Sunday morning was COLD! It went from a high of about 70 degrees one weekend to a high of around 20 degrees the next weekend. We all (Hubs, little sister in law and I) got up and went to church, ran to the store for a couple things, and then got some lunch and headed home. My little sister in law and I did some Christmas crafting.


Aren't these super cute?

Aren’t these super cute?

I followed the tutorial for these over on Crafts Unleashed – the supply list is all there. Unfortunately the 2-3/8 inch ornaments are out of the stock for the year though. =[ I got all of my supplies from Consumer Crafts and I was really happy with everything I got. (It was my first time purchasing from there.) The post on Crafts Unleashed has since been edited, but it had said that I could use another size ornament (1-3/4 inch ornaments), which I ordered only to find out you couldn’t really use that size. The size of the opening on the top of the ornament was too small. I was really bummed about it and commented on the blog post just to let them know that the size they suggested didn’t really work, and someone from Consumer Crafts actually contacted me and made it right. I was really surprised and it definitely made me feel really good about the company. The girl’s name was Sarah and she was SO nice. She took some of the 2-3/8 inch ornaments out of their showroom (because again, they are out of stock for the year) and sent them to me free of charge. I thought that was really great customer service.

CRUD – Hubs was going to start a fire since it was so cold out and he went into our storage area (it’s a storage room that is attached to the house, but you have to go outside to access it) to get his ax to chop up a piece of wood and found out our water heater was leaking. There was an inch of water on the ground. =[ We are having someone come out and look at it today. I really hope it’s covered by our home warranty because apparently a water heater isn’t covered by normal home owner’s insurance. Sighhhhh. I hope we hear some good news about it today.

Living the (lazy dog) life.

Living the (lazy dog) life.

I LOVE that we have a wood burning fire place. It’s so cozy and I love the crackling sounds it makes.

Later Sunday night, Hubs started putting the crib together. He wanted it to be a surprise so he wouldn’t let me in the room. Since he hadn’t put the door knob back on the door, I snuck a picture.

Putting the crib together 2So sweet. A daddy putting his son’s crib together. ❤ He did eventually let me in the room and he even let me help a little bit.

Putting the crib togetherThe crib is all put together but I didn’t snap a picture of it because as soon as it was done we ran downstairs to eat dinner.

Now it’s Monday morning and after being on the phone for forever I finally got a hold of someone to come look at our water heater. Hopefully it’s good news.

How was YOUR weekend?